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Price Cold Break Tomato Paste brix 28-38% in Drum

What does the Price Cold Break Tomato Paste brix 28-38% in Drum depend on? Who are the top suppliers of aseptic tomato paste? How many types of tomato paste are there?

Cold Break Tomato Paste

The process of producing Cold Break tomato paste

There are several steps in the process of producing tomato paste. There are two types of Hot Break and Cold Break for aseptic tomato paste. In the following, we will give a full explanation about this type:

  • In the process of producing the paste, after the tomatoes are crushed by the crash machine or the tomato crusher, the resulting tomato juice pulp enters the per heater.
  • So that it is softened by the heat applied by the device and the cleaning operation on it is done more easily.
  • The heat applied by this device is caused by two processes, hot break and cold break.
  • Cold break is a temperature applied below 70 اد C. The reason is the increased activity of enzymes.
  •  One of the features of Cold Break is the reduction of viscosity or viscosity.
  •  This is one of the advantages and disadvantages of Cold Break over Hot Break. The final product has a natural color and fresh taste. While another study found that the opposite is true, there is a better taste and smell in the hot break process.
  • In the Hot Break and Cold Break process, it was found that in the Hot Break process, the final product tastes better.
  • It also reduces the viscosity and viscosity of the final product in the Cold Break process. They also get help from this process to produce a cheaper product.
  •  On the other hand, having a fresher flavor adds to the quality of the product but increases its cost.


Cold Break Tomato Paste
Cold Break Tomato Paste


Tomato paste price in Drum

One of the types of packaging that is mostly done in the export discussion. The drum type is designed in the form of sterilized blue barrels.
The volume is usually 210 kg, which is when the tomato paste is placed in it. Because it is sterilized and has a thick layer, it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.
And they can be easily stored in warehouses or customs for a long time without spoiling. For this reason, the price of such packaging is more expensive than the bulk type.
On the other hand, the amount and percentage of Brix index is also effective in the price of this type of tomato paste.
The higher the brix, the thicker the paste. And more tomatoes should be used to produce it. As a result, they have a higher price than lower brixes.

Cold Break Tomato Paste
Cold Break Tomato Paste

tomato paste supplier brix 28-38%

Suppliers have a common term in the process of producing tomato paste. Which is called Brix and based on which the customer submits his request.
Because there are different types of tomato paste depending on the type of packaging. Which we will examine below:

  • One of the most important physical parameters that must be evaluated to measure the quality of tomato paste. Brix index is tomato paste. This index actually indicates the concentration of the paste. And the higher the brix index, the thicker the tomato paste.
  • Tomato paste brix is ​​the ratio of soluble ingredients in tomato paste that is calculated without considering salt. A device called a refractometer was used to calculate the brix.
  • The grade of brix for canned tomato paste is usually between 25 and 28. But for bulk it is between 28 and 32 and for optics it is between 32 and 38. Some European and African countries buy these products from Asian countries and then dilute and pack them.
  • For this reason, paste manufacturers must pay special attention to the amount of brix and its quality so that they can export.

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