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The difference tomato paste between industrial and home cheap in Asia

What is the most important The difference tomato paste between industrial and home cheap in Asia? What is the lowest price of tomato paste?

The difference tomato paste

The most important The difference tomato paste between industrial and home

We will explain the difference between important industrial and home tomato paste in detail below:

  • Paste is a product whose industrial type has higher nutritional properties than traditional and home cooking. Because with the use of modern devices, a significant vacuum can be created in the upper part of tomato juice tanks.
    This reduces the boiling point of tomato juice. And at a much lower temperature than household flames, tomato juice can be concentrated. Temperatures of about 100 degrees in traditional methods cause the loss of a significant portion of the tomato pigment called lycopene, which has antioxidant properties.
    But in modern factories, tomato juice is concentrated at a temperature of less than 70 degrees. For this reason, the color of the paste produced is completely transparent. But in home production, the color of the paste becomes very dark due to the burning and loss of lycopene and antioxidants.
    And unfortunately, there is this misconception among consumers. The light color of the industrial paste may be due to the low concentration of the paste or the poor quality of the tomatoes. It should be taken into account that the paste is definitely orange in color. It is substandard and unripe tomatoes are used in it. The color of the quality paste is bright red.
  • It is possible to produce homemade paste as a traditional process. It is welcomed by a range of people while the two factors of high heat and the presence of oxygen change the chemical form of lycopene and the loss of its antioxidant properties and vitamins and nutrients.
    Today, technology has come to the aid of factories to preserve nutrients in a short time, at low temperatures and in a vacuum (without the presence of oxygen).
    Remaining antioxidants in addition to nutritional properties increase the shelf life of the paste.
  • It is worth mentioning that the whole process of producing industrial tomato paste, from the time of receiving tomatoes to producing the paste, is done in less than an hour. If the production of homemade paste lasts for hours in the presence of high heat and oxygen.
    I need to emphasize that the “homemade tomato paste” ad is an ad to deceive the consumer. In fact, home-made tomato paste is of lower quality than industrial tomato paste, which is produced in standard conditions and with high quality raw materials.
  • Definitely a rabbit that is in a position prone to mold growth. And it does not mold, it has preservatives. It is better to keep the paste in conditions that limit the growth of mold. For example, keep it in a closed container and away from the fruit shelf and use it with a clean spoon.
  • Another point is the shelf life of the paste. Two years expiration date, though it seems like a long time. But there is no reason to use harmful substances or processes. This can only be achieved with the help of the knowledge and technology of the food industry, and is certainly not possible in traditional production.
    Due to the use of pasteurizers and pasteurized tunnels, as well as the type of lid closure of cans that prevents the passage of air, pasteurized paste after packaging has no exchange with the environment. Therefore, it has a high durability.
    In fact, these types of products if produced in a principled way. No need to use materials for storage for 24 months. And only knowledge, technology and quality materials give the product durability during this period.
The difference tomato paste

Cheap tomato paste prices in Asia

As you can see in the previous section, there are many differences between homemade and industrial tomato paste. And as a result, we found that industrial paste is healthier. So it has a higher price. But there are many sellers in Asia. We offer you the cheapest price.

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