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Troubleshoot problems tomato ground for tomato paste red in Europe

What is Troubleshoot problems tomato ground for tomato paste red in Europe? To know this useful information, as well as getting acquainted with the wholesale of tomato paste, you can also follow the contents of our site.

tomato ground for tomato paste

Troubleshoot tomato ground for red tomato paste

Prune the side buds of the tomatoes to fix the red tomato paste. Lateral buds are the sub-branches that grow between the main stem and other branches. They use plant nutrients for growth and produce more leaves but smaller fruits. So prune the lateral buds to have larger tomatoes.

Reduce the heat received on the tomato plants. If you live in a hot climate, choose heat-tolerant tomato cultivars such as Phoenix, Heatmaster and Solar Fire. Find a place that receives full sunlight and filtered afternoon light in the morning. Protect plants from the sun between 10am and 2pm.

• If the tomatoes are over 24 ° C at night and over 35 ° C during the extreme heat, harvest the tomatoes very early. Tomatoes stop ripening at extreme heat.

Control humidity for tomato plants. Tomato plants need high humidity during the day (90-80%) and medium humidity (65-75%) at night to produce fruit. Humidity above 90% and below 65% can cause tomato flower rot. If you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, use a humidifier to measure humidity. To increase the humidity outdoors or in the greenhouse, try to moisturize the plants. Reduce humidity in the greenhouse by increasing ventilation.

• If you live in an area with very humid climates, it is best to grow moisture-resistant tomato cultivars outdoors, such as Ferline, Legend, Fantasio.

Prevent rot of tomatoes (tomato bottom rot) of tomato plants. Flower rot means blackening and eating the bottom of the tomato. When you see it, it is too late to save the plant. Prevention is the best way to fight caries. Calcium deficiency causes flower rot. To prevent this problem, the following steps are recommended:

Boil about one gallon (4 liters) of water and a tablespoon (15 ml) of lemon juice.

• Add 6 tablespoons of bone powder to the water. Stir well.

Cook for 30 minutes with the lid closed.

Allow the solution to cool.

• Pour about 1 liter of solution for each plant in the leaves and roots.

• Repeat the above operation 2 times in 3 to 5 days.

You can also sprinkle chopped eggs around tomato plants to add calcium to the soil.

Get bird repellents. Wrap red utensils around tomato cages. In this case, the birds think they are tomatoes and peck at them. Hard objects and tasteless surfaces confuse the birds, causing them to drop tomatoes.

• Keep in mind that this will only work temporarily. Before the fruits reach the tomato plants, use cloth nets to protect the plants from the birds.

Bring chickens, ducks and ducks to your garden to protect them. Chickens and ducks enjoy eating snails and tomato worms. Because snails and tomato worms can kill plants by eating the leaves.

Control the snails around the tomatoes using cardboard. It can be helpful to use cardboard cylinders of toilet paper or paper towels around the base of the tomato plant stem while the plant is still young. The carton texture of these cylinders makes it impossible for snails to move from the stem.

Plant tomato plants around the land to attract beneficial hunters. Some of the good options are marigold, sage, parsley and laden flower. These flowers attract ladybugs and braconid bees, and eat tomato aphids and worms and protect tomatoes against these pests.

tomato ground for tomato paste

Wholesale tomato paste in Europe

Are you looking for a reliable person for a restaurant or kitchen and even for trading and distributing delicious and colorful tomato paste? You should go to your manufacturer’s representative to buy high volume tomato paste. For this purpose, we will introduce the people who are the wholesalers of tomato paste.

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