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Price of tomato paste diluted

Price of tomato paste diluted cheaper than the high brix. But this type of tomato paste are used more for export.The diluted tomato paste means that the tomato paste that is eaten easily with spoons when we raise it with a spoon. The grade of this type of paste was less than 25 And as a result, the price of …

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Exports the best of Tomato paste 800 g

Exports of best tomato paste to 800 g can be exported to countries such as Russia. This product is a seasoning of many foods in the world. Exports for Iran and any country that has the ability to do so are very effective in boosting foreign exchange earnings and boosting the market. As a result, tomato paste is one of …

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Representation in the supply of tomato paste in half a kilo

Dealers in the supply of various types of tomato paste have different brands in the weight of half a kilo of different brands, due to respect for customer’s rights. This offer makes it easier for shoppers to pick up a variety of branded tomatoes by comparing the quality and price of their brand. To say that tomato paste is half …

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Representation of glass tomato paste

Tomato paste manufacturers can increase their sales by offering a dealership. Tomato paste is produced in various types of packaging, which is a glass packaging paste of all types and is produced in a few factories. The production technique in this type of paste is more important than the type of can .For example, if a factory once produced cans …

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